Que Que, greeting card



Walking through my friend’s chicken coop in upstate N.Y., I was always greeted by Oblina, a beautiful Buff Orpinton hen. She reminded me of the roosters and hens of my uncle’s finca in Yauco PR, where I would spend summers as a child. Oblina would casually approach and just stare at me as if asking, ¿Que que? (Say what?) On more than one occasion, she made me feel as if she and I were old friends. Who knows?

(Caminando por el gallinero de mi amigo en el estado de Nueva York, siempre fui recibida por Oblina, una hermosa gallina. Me recordó a los gallos y gallinas de la finca de mi tío en Yauco PR, donde pasaría los veranos cuando era niña. Oblina se acercaba casualmente y me miraba como si preguntara: ¿Qué que? En más de una ocasión, ella me hizo sentir como si ella y yo fuéramos viejos amigos. ¿Quién sabe?

This 9″ x 12″ oil on canvas was created by Vivian Lipman-Denis in 2019. Printed on premium cardstock paper, each set comes with six 4″ x 6″ folded greeting cards with envelopes.


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