Puerto Rican Art Poste, La Jibara Magha


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This portrait was inspired by an image from the film concept, “Jibaras”, by Adnelly Marichal.  Magha is one of a growing number of female farmers on the island’s countryside (Jibara) who have emerged in the aftermath of the destruction of Hurricane Maria. Farmers like Magha are slowly becoming the new face of Puerto Rican agriculture. Tending over small plots, these unlikely farmers supplement their dietary needs as well as provide a cheap source of produce to their local communities.

Este retrato se inspiro en una imagen del concepto de película,  “Jibaras”, de Adnelly Marichal.  Magha forma parte del creciente numero de mujeres agricultoras en el campo de la isla tras la destrucción del huracán Maria. Agricultores como Magha se están convirtiendo lentamente en la nueva cara de la agricultura Puertorriqueña. Estos agricultores poco probables, que se ocupan de pequeños parcelas, complementan sus necesidades dietéticas y proporcionan una fuerte barata de productos a sus comunidades locales.

La Jibara Magha was created by Vivian Lipman Denis.  The original piece is a 24″ x 30″ oil on canvas.

Posters are made of glossy quality paper with title, name of artist, and dimensions of original work printed on the lower left-hand corner.




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