Puerto Rican Art Poster,¡Corre Julio Corre!


As angry, dark clouds ushered the arrival of an uninvited afternoon tempest, food vendors and beachgoers on the sands of Luquillo Beach scampered to safety. Julio, an elderly food merchant, lags far behind as his food stand is slowed by its tired, rusted axels . Within seconds of the sound of distant thunder, the beach is deserted except for poor Julio. ¡Corre Julio Corre! Why don’t you run old man? Julio has seen far worst storms in the past. That’s probably why he walks and never runs. 

Mientras las nubes oscuras y enojadas marcaron el comienzo de la llegada de una tempestad vespertina inesperada, vendedores de comida y banistas en la arenas de la playa de Luquillo corrieron a un lugar seguro. Julio, un comerciante de alimentos de edad avanzada, se queda may atras ya que su puesto de comida es frenado por sus llantas oxidadas. Por que no corres viejo? Julio ha visto las peores tormentas en el pasado. Probablemente por eso camina y nunca corre.

This piece was completed by Vivian Lipman-Denis in 2021. It is an 8″ x 10″ pastel on sandpaper

Posters are made of glossy quality paper with title, name of artist, and dimensions of original work printed on the lower left-hand corner.





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