Puerto Rican Art Poster, Caribbean Mandala:Food


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Traditionally, mandalas are geometric designs or patterns that represent the cosmos or deities in various heavenly worlds. It is found that in the process of drawing a mandala, you feel much calmer and more peaceful, and your breathing and heartbeat slow down. The sensation is a total mind-body connection. Carl Jung believed that the mandala represents the Self and that drawing a mandala gives a person a sacred space to meet that self. Mandala: Food consists of Quenepas, Papaya, Taro, Avocado, Mango, Soursop, and Sugarcane. 

Tradicionalmente, los mandalas son diseños o patrones geométricos que representan el cosmos o deidades en varios mundos celestiales. Se encuentra que en el proceso de dibujar un mandala, te sientes mucho más tranquilo y en paz, y tu respiración y tu ritmo cardíaco se ralentizan. La sensación es una conexión total mente-cuerpo. Carl Jung creía que el mandala representa al yo y que dibujar un mandala le da a la persona un espacio sagrado para encontrarse con ese yo. Mandala: La comida consiste en Quenepas, Papaya, Malanga, Aguacate, Mango, Guanábana y Caña de azúcar.

This art piece is 23″ x  23″ completed by Sara Morales in 2021 with colored pencil on bristol board.

Posters are made of glossy quality paper with title, name of artist, and dimensions of original work printed on the lower left-hand corner.




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