Alcanzando a Papi, greeting card



The love of nature and strong family ties highlight the richness of the Puerto Rican culture. In this scene, a toddler scurries to reach her father (my nephew) as they enjoy a stroll through one of the island’s national parks. He turns and reaches back for her and in the process, bridges both generations. As nature looks on, the family bond is renewed.

(El amor por la naturaleza y los fuertes lazos familiares resaltan la riqueza de la cultura puertorriqueña. En esta escena, una niña gatea para alcanzar a su padre mientras disfrutan de un paseo por uno de los parques nacionales de la isla. Él se vuelve y le devuelve la mano y, en el proceso, une ambas generaciones. A medida que la naturaleza mira, el vínculo familiar se renueva.)

The original 24″ x 36″ oil on canvas was completed by Sara Morales in 2017. Printed on premium cardstock paper, each set comes with six 4″ x 6″ folded greeting cards with envelopes.


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