Aire Libre, greeting card



There’s a patch in the mountains of Yauco called Almacigo Alto, that is my mother’s birthplace. It’s virtually untouched. My son, a city boy, experienced the richness of Puerto Rico’s natural wonders by cutting through this untouched, dense foliage.

(Hay un trozo en las montañas de Yauco llamado Almacigo Alto, que es donde mi madre nació. El lugar está casi sin tocar. Mi hijo, un niño de la ciudad, tuvo la experiencia de la riqueza de las maravillas naturales de Puerto Rico cortando por este intacto y denso follaje.) The original Oil Painting is 9″ x 12″ and was completed by Vivian Lipman Denis in 2011. Printed on premium cardstock paper, each set comes with six 4″ x 6″ folded greeting cards with envelopes.



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