Fine Art Prints

Our Puerto Rican Art prints are museum quality giclées* that are professionally printed on Elegance 100% cotton rag watercolor paper. We offer various sizes with white border. They are numbered with the title of the original painting in the border at the bottom  of the print. You can request the print to be signed by the artist. There will be a limited edition of 100 per size.

*What is a giclée (pronounced “jhee-clay”)?
A giclée print is a digital inkjet print. It is made using a combination of pigmented inks and archival substrates (paper/canvas).The inkjet printer literally blends the colored inks as it prints to produce seamless, highly detailed prints of stunning color and detail.A giclee should not fade for a minimum of eighty years!

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Most of our art will be sold here on our website.

We will be limiting what we sell on Etsy!