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Welcome to our website. As you look through our galleries, you’ll find original paintings by Sara Morales and Vivian Lipman-Denis.  We sell quality prints and posters of our work in various sizes and prices here on our website as well as through our Etsy shop. Please browse through our pages and let us know if there is a variation that you like that may not be listed.  We thank you for visiting us.

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Saviana Arts is a collaboration between Nuyorican* artists Sara Morales (The Bronx) and Vivian Lipman-Denis (Loisaida**).

We began collaborating artistically in 2009; participating in weekly art sessions both indoors and en plein air. We draw our inspiration from interactions with our community, attending cultural events, and observing everyday moments on the streets of our beloved New York City.

Using oil on canvas media, we try to depict the unadorned yet intricate events that make up the robust New York experience paying particular interest to the culturally rich Nuyorican community.

On occasion, we also capture vignettes of our island heritage from our collective memories and commit them to canvas.

Our goal is to expose, as well as, educate others to our unique yet prodigious community through our art.

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* Nuyorican (nü-yȯr-ˈrē-kən) is a portmanteau of the terms “New York” and “Puerto Rican”  refers to the members or culture of the Puerto Rican diaspora located in or around New York State especially the New York City.
** Loisaida (Low-ees-Ah-ee-dah): Derived from the Nuyorican pronunciation of “Lower East Side”.

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We sell quality prints and posters of our work in various sizes and prices. We gladly customize based on your preferences.

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Absolutely love it! Anticipacion makes me feel like I am looking at my grandmother’s kitchen table before she makes pasteles.
Bronx Vintage
Bronx Vintage
The vibrant colors here are beautiful! Aire Libre reminds me of my first trips to the mountains of Puerto Rico, visiting my parents’ hometown of Orocovis.
The print of this amazing painting is gorgeous! Families immediately connect with La Marqueta – because it’s a familiar family pastime.
Janice Quiles-Reyes
Janice Quiles-Reyes

Most of our art will be sold here on our website.

We will be limiting what we sell on Etsy!